Quotes Ive had....pt 1

1. "Money isn't real; it's just numbers on a screen."

2. "No one watches you like your kids; you influence, they follow."

3. "Rules were created by humans; where humans go, corruption and greed may follow."

4. "Respect isn't earned through money or position; it's reflected in how one treats their family."

5. "The world is small, yet opportunities are vast—a pretty penny exists, but so does rust."

6. "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction; choose your moves wisely."

7. "You control your phone; it doesn't control you."

8. "Survival demands fitness—mentally, physically, and emotionally."

9. "What you do alone amplifies everything; your solitude defines you."

10. "Businesses exist to solve problems; the bigger the problem, the bigger the check."

11. "Does the government truly matter? Question authority, ask why three times."

12. "Buyers are liars; words are wielded by marketers and lawyers as magic."

13. "The world is a giving one; it will give you what you deserve."

14. "God exists, and giving multiplies; to give, one must first be full."

15. "Don't waste time; every moment is an opportunity."

16. "Idle talk never makes sense; speak with purpose."

17. "Drink to get drunk, smoke to get high, and engage to be truly engaged."

18. "Salesmen, brokers, and managers play golf; a game speaks volumes."

19. "Never be the smartest kid in the room; if you are, change it."

20. "Micro habits work, as does going cold turkey."

21. "Energy is contagious; choose positivity."

22. "This too shall pass; life is transient."

23. "God doesn't test you more than you can handle; resilience is your strength."

24. "Search the blue ocean; unique opportunities lie beyond the crowded waves."

25. "Marketing and finance truly run the world; understand their language."

26. "Small money talks, big money whispers; wealth carries its own discretion."

27. "Giving back is key; generosity fuels positive change."

28. "In my world, family is business, and business is family. Both are not just treated as true but proven to be inseparable in their significance." 

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