AI's taking over...

Data-Related Roles:

Data Entry Clerks

Routine Data Collection Agents

Routine Data Analysts

Routine Data Entry Operators

Customer Service and Support:


Routine Customer Service Representatives

Basic-Level IT Support Roles

Basic-Level Technical Support Roles

Basic-Level Network Support Roles

Administrative and Office Roles:

Routine Administrative Assistants

Basic-Level Project Managers

Routine HR Administrative Roles

Routine Payroll Clerks

Office Managers


Financial and Accounting Roles:


Routine Bookkeeping and Accounting Clerks

Basic-Level Financial Analysts

Basic-Level Investment Analysts

Insurance Adjusters

Manufacturing and Quality Control:

Manufacturing Assembly Line Workers (for routine tasks)

Routine Quality Control Inspectors

Sales and Retail:

Retail Workers (especially routine tasks)

Sales Representatives

Retail Salespeople

Marketing and Research:

Basic-Level Market Research Analysts

Basic-Level Marketing Coordinators

Market Research Analysts

Creative and Design Roles:

Basic-Level Graphic Designers

Basic-Level Interior Designers


Writing and Editing Roles:

Basic-Level Advertising Copywriters

Basic-Level Technical Writers

Basic-Level Copy Editors

Basic-Level Curriculum Designers

Basic-Level Curriculum Developers

Basic-Level Curriculum Writers

Basic-Level Instructional Designers

Technical Writers


Healthcare and Diagnostic Roles:

Paramedics (for certain diagnostic tasks)

Dermatologists (for certain cosmetic procedures)

Cardiologists (for certain diagnostic tasks)

Gynecologists (for certain diagnostic tasks)

Neurologists (for certain diagnostic tasks)

Optometrists (for certain diagnostic tasks)

Orthodontists (for certain diagnostic tasks)

Orthopedic Surgeons (for certain diagnostic tasks)

Psychiatrists (for certain diagnostic tasks)

Veterinarians (for certain diagnostic tasks)

Human Resources and Compliance:

Routine Compliance Officers

Routine Compliance Analysts

Human Resources Specialists

Logistics and Planning:

Routine Inventory Managers

Routine Logistics Coordinators

Logistics Managers

Real Estate and Property:

Routine Real Estate Agents

Routine Property Managers

Education and Training:

High School Teachers

University Professors

Legal and Paralegal Roles:

Routine Paralegals

Legal Secretaries


Technical and IT Roles:

Basic-Level Computer Programmers

Basic-Level Network Engineers

Basic-Level System Analysts

Basic-Level Computer Support Specialists

System Administrators

Web Developers

Database Architects

Miscellaneous Roles:

Toll Booth Operators

Routine Credit Analysts

Routine Insurance Underwriters

Routine Librarians

Routine Tax Preparation Roles

Routine Event Planners

Routine Security Guards

Routine Hotel Staff (e.g., housekeeping)

Routine Social Workers

Routine Museum Curators

Routine Investment Analysts

Routine Newspaper Journalists

Routine Dental Technicians

Routine Tour Guides

Routine Event Coordinators

Routine Insurance Claims Processors

Routine Court Reporters

Routine Mortgage Underwriters

Routine Loan Officers

Routine Telephone Operators

Routine Book Editors

Routine Proofreading Roles

Routine Title Examiners

Routine Customer Feedback Analysts

Routine Data Verification Officers

Routine Cash Handling Roles

Routine Book Editors

Routine Proofreading Roles

Routine Inventory Planners

Routine Tour Guides

Routine Compliance Officers

Routine Data Collection Agents

Routine Data Analysts

Routine Insurance Underwriters

Routine HR Administrative Roles

Routine Network Administrators

Routine Welders

Routine Automotive Mechanics

Routine Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Roles

Routine Data Entry Operators

Routine Data Entry Clerks

Routine Data Analysts

Routine Inventory Planners

Routine Logistics Coordinators

Routine Customs Brokers

This list includes a wide range of occupations mentioned throughout the conversation. Keep in mind that the impact of AI on each job can vary, and the list is not exhaustive. It's also important to note that the job market is dynamic, and new developments may have occurred but don't expect humans to last in the routine areas.

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