A Journey to Find Patterns of Connection Across Diverse Worlds

Our faces reflect our journeys across multiple worlds, starting at home to beyond and back to our self. The beauty of life perhaps lies in our common struggles to find patterns of connection across those worlds. While the particular scenes and characters of that journey may differ, the search for meaning to face our self with kindness, love, and acceptance remains unchanged. The journey to share my experience with you is no different.

The worlds I experienced were ancient and modern, art and science, mind and body. Across these worlds, I sought connection between the magical holism of the East with the scientific rigor of the West. A journey across East and West, Science and Tradition, Ancient and Modern.

**The Land of Diversity: Canada, Born to a Vedic Hindu Family**

My journey begins in Canada, where I was born into a Vedic Hindu family, deeply rooted in the traditions of Brahmin caste. My parents hail from Jaffna, Sri Lanka, back when it was known as Ceylon.

Even in the bustling city of Toronto, the rich tapestry of our heritage colored our daily lives. Our home echoed with the sounds of Vedic chants and the aroma of traditional Sri Lankan spices. Though far from the land of our ancestors, we held tightly to our cultural identity.

**Embracing Diversity: Our Neighbors**

In our vibrant neighborhood, diversity thrived like nowhere else. Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist families lived side by side, each contributing to the mosaic of our community. Our daily interactions were a celebration of different languages, customs, and beliefs, enriching our lives in ways we could never have imagined.

**From Toronto to Jaffna: A Return to Ancestral Roots**

In the summers, the scenes changed as we embarked on journeys to visit our relatives in Jaffna, a place steeped in history and tradition. The moment we stepped foot on the soil of our forefathers, a sense of belonging washed over us.

Jaffna, with its ancient temples and vibrant festivals, offered a glimpse into our heritage. We roamed the streets where our ancestors once walked, and every corner was imbued with stories of resilience and perseverance.

**Heroes: Deities and Ancestors**

In our home, altars adorned with images of Hindu deities stood as a testament to our faith. We revered the tales of gods and goddesses, finding solace in their divine presence.

**Healing the Sick: Ancestral Wisdom**

Everyday life was intertwined with ancestral wisdom passed down through generations. From herbal remedies to spiritual practices, our family drew upon ancient knowledge to heal the sick and nurture the soul.

My grandmother, a repository of traditional healing methods, possessed an innate ability to diagnose ailments with a mere glance. Her treatments, rooted in centuries-old practices, offered solace to those in need.

**The Warrior’s Duty to Heal**

She instilled in us the belief that healing was not just a duty but a sacred calling. Armed with compassion and knowledge, we embraced our role as warriors of wellness, carrying forward the legacy of our ancestors.

**Initiation, Mission, and Duty**

Before embarking on my own path, my grandparents initiated me into the sacred practices of mantra, meditation, and visualization. They imbued within me the importance of intention and integrity, guiding me to pursue my mission with unwavering dedication.

As I journeyed through the tapestry of my heritage, I carried with me the wisdom of the ages, a torch passed down through generations. With each step, I honored the legacy of my ancestors, forging connections between past and present, East and West.

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