Quotes I've come across this decade...PT 3 #2024

1. "Expanding your network means gaining more valuable information."

2. "Decide logically, engage cerebrally."

3. "Cultivate gratitude and exercise restraint in an abundant world."

4. "Nurture high-quality thoughts for fruitful outcomes."

5. "Being positioned to accept opportunities means actively seizing them."

6. "Turning 'I have to' into 'I get to' shifts from obligation to opportunity."

7. "Effective management necessitates emotional detachment."

8. "It's not about reaching the destination; it's about the journey."

9. "The excitement isn't at 200km/hr; it's the acceleration to reach that speed."

10. "A multitude of small victories outweighs one grand triumph."

11. "Keep busy to manage stress effectively."

12. "Joy is heightened by experiencing pain."

13. "People will see one problem, but the experts see 20 other problems."

14. "Heroes endure suffering."

15. "Villains exist because of heroes."

16. "Ego differs from entitlement; one deserves, the other expects."

17. "Delusions to reality, that's success."

18. "Depression signals a call to personal improvement."

19. "Swift action is imperative when dismissing employees."

20. "Your parents have had decades for themselves, but not you."

21. "We're engulfed in an era of information overload."

22. "The internet deems everyone an expert."

23. "Who do you attract with certain things? Money doesn't attract money; value does."

24. "There is no money in easy."

25. "No one is in real estate with good intentions."

26. "Fostering a happy mind fortifies resilience and cultivates an iron mind."

27. "Humans are often foolish enough to learn the hard way."

28. "Don't get too comfortable."

29. "It's player vs. player."

30. "Always remember, the world began with resilience, not with ease."

31. "You have to love the chaos."

32. "What's the difference between you and them?"

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