My Quotes on Business Every Business owner should know.

1. "Speed is key in biz; it makes you money and stops losses."
2. "Biz is all about money flow – in and out, but mostly out."
3. "Family and friends are great staff; make 'em respect you."
4. "Keep selling to the same folks; keeps the cash coming."
5. "Sales first, paperwork later; gotta be smart."
6. "Tell your staff what to do and audit 'em. Simple."
7. "Outsource people not companies, get more done for less."
8. "Watch your spending; mistakes cost big."
9. "Make money, keep your rep clean. Do more good than bad."
10. "Track your spending, know who's getting what."
11. "Keep learning, keep growing – that's how you win."
12. "Brand matters more than price; listen and learn."
13. "Get attention; it's the name of the game."
14. "Find people's problems, sell 'em solutions."
15. "Know people and their insecurities, make deals – it's how you win."
16. "Be smart with money, give refunds when needed and unnecessarily."
17. "Close deals hard, get rid of the maybes."
18. "No pay, no deal – it's that simple."
19. "Mutual Benefits are a better contract, one sided contracts are for losers."
20. "Stuff goes wrong, be ready for it."
21. "Stay confident, even when it's tough."
22. "Promise big, deliver bigger."
23. "Not every buy is impulsive, some are just smart."
24. "Partnerships matter, make 'em count."
25. "Talk right, win big."
26. "Roll with the punches, stay strong."
27. "And remember, flex on the broke boys."
28. "Mind your business." 
29. "Give, don't lose."
30. "Businesses aren't meant to last a vanity, they're meant to last to make money."
31. "Ideas are free, execution is the crack."
32. "My people text more than they call. I make deals."
33. "Experts don't waste time. Everything's scheduled."
34. "Always on guard, never trust easily."
35. "They spend wisely. I know growth."
36. "Focus on what you're best at, leverage the rest."
37. "We all want better, with different problems."
38. "95% of business is marketing. Sales fixes all problems."
39. "Either you're all in or all out. There's no in-between."
40. "What's your unfair advantage?"

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